District Team

The Western District Team

As a team serving with The Western District of The Alliance Canada, our desire is to provide leadership to our district pastors, workers, and churches so they can be healthy, growing, and effective in their ministry in Alberta and North West Territories, Canada, and throughout the world. Our role is to direct vision, promote key values, offer spiritual mentoring, coaching, and training, and guide in areas of operational support. 

Your Western District team includes:

2023 Matt.jpg

Matt Boda
District Superintendent
403.265.7900 ext. 206

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2023 Graham.jpg
Clint Mix

Director of Church Development

403.265.7900 ext. 210

Graham English

Director of Leader Development

403.265.7900 ext. 205

Les Bon-Bernard

Director of Operations

403.265.7900 ext. 202

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John photoshop.png
2023 Sarah.jpg
2023 Jerin.jpg
Jeremy Peters

New Leader Development Associate

403.265.7900 ext. 219

John Brown

Resource Specialist Navigator

403.265.7900 ext. 212

Sarah Hunter

Discipling Environments Catalyst

403.265.7900 ext. 211

Jerin Thomas

Global Mission ​Catalyst

403.265.7900 ext. 216

2023 Luisa.jpg
2023 Wendy.jpg
Luisa Castiblanco

Finance ​Manager

​​403-265-7900 ext. 207

Wendy Ng

Systems & Administration Manager

​​403-265-7900 ext. 203

Steven John

Property Development​ Consultant

403.265.7900 ext. 214

2023 Shelby.jpg
2023 Elaine.jpg
Jake Fraser

​Events and

403.265.7900 ext. 218

Shelby Keith

​Personnel Administrative Assistant

403.265.7900 ext. 201

Elaine Mactavish

Executive Assistant

403.265.7900 ext. 204

Coralee Jones

Benefits Administrator & Administrative Assistant

403.265.7900 ext. 209

2023 Ethan.jpg
Ethan White

Financial Analyst

403.265.7900 ext. 215

Raymond Cheung

Financial  Assistant

403.265.7900 ext. 208

Lawrence Stalder

Bylaws / Governance Consultant

403.265.7900 ext. 200