Job Board / Postings

General Information

Within The Western District of The Alliance Canada, there are employment opportunities both locally and nationally.

Adding A Job Posting

If you would like to add a job posting to our website, contact Shelby at our office. All postings will remain active for 3 months from the date posted. If you have a specific closing date, please let us know.

Resume Process

If you would like to be hired at one of our Western District churches:
  • Please send your resume to Shelby at our office.
  • A District Contact will review your resume and determine how best to proceed.
  • If satisfactory, you'll be placed in our formal resume process which helps us better understand where you might 'fit & flourish'
  • The formal resume process includes completing a Placement Form that helps us better understand your needs and where you may be a good fit.
  • Completing the Placement Form does not guarantee a job. If we see a possible good fit between your profile and a job posting, we will recommend your resume to a church for them to review.
  • Although we receive church job postings for the website, we do not oversee the individual hiring at our local churches. In other words, placement in pastoral positions are up to the churches and not the District Office.
  • If you see any postings on our website that interest you, please apply directly with the church that is posting.