Canadian Chinese Alliance Church Association

Canadian Chinese Alliance Church Association (CCACA)

Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association (CCACA), formerly called Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Committee, came into being on September 9, 1967 in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. After 49 years of cooperative efforts of Caucasian and Chinese co-workers, and with the blessings of God, CCACA has grown from 4 to about 93 member churches and congregations. Today we have more than 240 pastors serving over 22,000 inclusive members, also over 30 missionaries under different support categories serving in different mission fields around the world. With the projection of more Chinese migrating overseas, CCACA intends to plant more Chinese Alliance churches aggressively and strategically across Canada and the Diaspora. We look forward to collaborating closely with other Chinese Alliance associations and churches in different countries/regions in this global church planting/disciple-making endeavor.

CCACA, constituted by the various Chinese Alliance churches in Canada, is an organization recognized by the national and district offices of The Alliance Canada. Annual conference is held at different churches and cities each year, represented by pastors, missionaries and lay delegates for fellowship, strategic ministry planning, adopting budgets, etc.


CCACA Office:

80 Nashdene Road, Units 223-228

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1V 5E4