Rural Church Pastors

Rural Church Pastors Network

The Rural Church Pastor’s Network (RCPN) was birthed in a prayer meeting in the basement of the Alliance Church in Hanna Alberta in 2011. Three rural pastors & their denominational ‘church coach’ gathered to seek God’s wisdom in responding to a mutual felt need in support of those who ministered in rural communities throughout the province.

Since that time, the Lord has drawn over 200 rural pastors from 29 denominations to participate in semi-annual events throughout Western Canada. The leadership of the RCPN has also developed a resource based website, developed rural resources for use in the local church, and continues to connect with rural pastors from across Canada and around the world through its Facebook page.​

The leadership of the RCPN has also developed partnership with bible colleges and theological institutions as a resource base for rural studies, and continues to research and explore avenues to promote the appreciation and uniqueness of those who serve in rural communities.